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Since our inception in 2013, Saffron Indian Restaurant has risen to fame as one of a premium quality Indian restaurant in AL with Indian food of amazing quality as well as taste. Our passion for excellence and craft guides us to everything we do at Saffron Indian Restaurant, AL. Over the years since our genesis, our ethos has remained unchanged throughout: to give diners a sumptuous taste of best regional Indian food.

Your search for an incredible taste of Indian food ends with Saffron Indian Restaurant as we serve as the best family dinner in Alabama. We provide a menu for dinner full of lovely Indian dinner recipes for easy family dinner and quick dinner for kids in AL. We offer great traditional Indian dishes, served in a fun and vibrant atmosphere. Having worked within the food industry for the entirety of our careers each of our chefs has brought the knowledge, drive, and passion needed to start the successful Indian restaurant in AL.

Best Indian Food - Alabama

Best Indian Food

Our chefs' menus reflect the comprehensive diversity and vibrancy of traditional as well as contemporary Indian cuisine, skillfully translating the tandoor traditions of North West India into impeccably presented, multi-sensory dishes that uphold Saffron Indian RestaurantÂ’s fine reputation.

Saffron Indian Restaurant was born out of a desire to bring traditional Indian cuisines, cooked in contemporary, cutting-edge style, to a very elegant table, with remarkable surroundings. Our highly accomplished chefs are trained within the region of their Indian birthplace and bring with them an outstanding culinary knowledge and skill set that is quite distinct. This gives our menu the complexity, authenticity, and variety.

Food Catering Services - Alabama

Food Catering Services

Saffron Indian Restaurant is a leading Alabama catering company that delivers the first-class Indian food every time. We know how to have fun with food, from the hob to the job, and we want to bring the party to you in AL. We cater for every corporate occasion and also relish a special occasion like birthdays and weddings.

Saffron Indian Restaurant prides at the success achieved as a Best Caterers in AL. Our success belongs to the dedicated and enthusiastic team who helps us to make each event as a grand success. Our local catering services in AL is preferred by many for the premium quality catering platters and full service catering at extremely affordable rates.

Indian Cuisine - Alabama

Indian Cuisine

Offering a truly unique luncheon and dining experience for the locals and visitors alike is something that we are glad to do. The beautiful atmosphere is complemented with premium quality Indian dishes to add innovation for those who love fine dining. We delight in offering fabulous vegan and non-veg delicacies and customary classics. Our variety of vegan and non-veg dishes are cooked to order, in spectacular, complex and piquant style. For our vegan food lovers in AL, we offer a diverse range of Indian veg recipes using vegan cheese, vegan meat, vegan food products, etc. At Saffron Indian Restaurant we have selected an unprecedentedly extensive selection of local ingredients and run with them, presenting them to you as soon as they are cooked. Inspired by eastern flavors and a complex blend of seasoning, we are constantly interpreting new ingredients, delivering un-chartered taste sensations.