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Experience the Best Quality Indian Cuisine at Surprisingly Affordable Rates in AL

Pamper Your Taste Buds with Amazing North and South Indian Dishes in Alabama

Best Indian Restaurant offering Best Indian Food Catering Services in AL

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Since our inception in 2013, Saffron Indian Restaurant has risen to fame as one of a premium quality Indian restaurant in AL with Indian cuisine of amazing quality as well as taste.

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Our chefs' menus reflect the comprehensive diversity and vibrancy of traditional as well as contemporary Indian cuisine, skillfully translating the tandoor traditions of North West India into impeccably presented...

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Saffron Indian Restaurant is a leading Alabama catering company that delivers the first-class Indian food every time. We know how to have fun with food, from the hob to the job, and we want to bring the party to you

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Welcome to Saffron Indian Restaurant, Alabama

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    Saffron Indian Restaurant showcases inventive Indian cuisine by complementing the flavors and traditions of India with global ingredients and techniques. It is a place where you can truly enjoy the taste of the modern as well as classic North and South Indian recipes with our highly regarded dishes. Our culinary creativity is showcased by the unique amalgamation of the pristine local produce combining home style nostalgic tastes with exotic spices and ingredients from India. The serene atmosphere evokes the opulent extravagance which lingers on your mind blended with the taste of our exceptional Indian food. We have become one of the best Indian restaurants in AL with the quality Indian food and superior customer service as our hallmark. Many Indian food lovers in AL prefer Saffron Indian Restaurant as Family Serve Dinner as its premium quality buffet catering. As all of our Indian food is freshly prepared and cooked to order, there is always something to suit everyone.

    Motivated by our passion for the culinary art, Saffron Indian Restaurant continues to keep reinventing itself and continues our culinary journey with our ever growing list of customers in AL. It is our great pleasure to extend our hospitality and service to those who would like to experience the fine Indian cuisine in AL. We hope your visit to our restaurant will give you a glimpse of India and its rich cultures.

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